Tuxedo pants for curvy figures

I really love a great fitting tuxedo pant.  I find it a bit challenging as a plus-size woman to find a pair that really suits me in fit and style.  Alas, I found these Target, Mossimo pants ankle pants that fit me so well, I had to buy 4 other pair in different colors. 

The black and white tux pants, I scored on Ebay which were last season's from Sears.  And while I am on the subject of Sears, I want to encourage you ladies, if you haven't already, to stop by a Sears or your local JCP to peruse the racks.  These stores have quite a few gems for the fuller-figure.  I know Sears and JCP may seem old school, but I'm telling you, they have truly stepped up their game in the women's department.  I actually find items in JCP that rival ASOS any day!  JCP also has some amazing clearance in their departments as the season's transition that shouldn't be missed.  

                                                            Outfit 1
                                                      Pants:  Target
                                                      Shirt:  Foxcroft via Nordstroms
                                                      Midi-heels:  YSL
                                                      Tuxedo jacket:  Lane Bryant
                                                      Handbag:  Phillip Lim for Target
                                                      Outfit 2: (B&W)
                                                      Tuxedo jacket:  ASOS (last season) 
                                                      Cami: JCP (old)
                                                      Pants: Sears/Worthington (last season)
                                                      Sandals:  Kelsi Dagger  
                                                      Watch: Coach


  1. Great post!!
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    1. yes and thank you! Let me know if you are on Google, Bloglovin, etc.

  2. I am so glad to know JCP and Sears (wha?) is where you got these. The clothes look great on you and expensive, but glad to know where to shop.

  3. Great blog! I LOVE those tuxedo pants:) You look amazing!!

  4. Nice pants!